Ombient / Chuck van Zyl – Space Patrol

Ombient / Chuck van Zyl - Space Patrol

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Ombient / Chuck van Zyl – Space Patrol
CD-r, Synkronos Music, 2015

What I got here is a collaborative release between Mike Hunter (aka Ombient) and renowned synthesist & Stars End radio host Chuck van Zyl, both hailing from Philadelphia’s Em scene.

The outcome of the three cosmic-angled long tracks –all performed live in concert in 2013- fits in old-school German electronics with quite some repeating patterns. Pronounced, at times bouncy sequences, Mellotron flutes/textures, jolly arpeggio notes, and additional melodic-angled sounds make up the main course of the nearly 27-minute opener “Star Cruiser”. We then stray into the unknown on the freeform “The Zone” where a string of psychedelic-infused, weird (awkward would be an even better description) and darker-edged sound splashes pass by. This isn’t that easy to chew at all. Fortunately, the 21-minute “Outland” all shifts back to the sound and atmosphere of the first piece. In all, I rank this recording between 3 and 3,5 stars.


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