Optical Image – Another Treasure Point

Optical Image - Another Treasure Point

Release data:

Optical Image – Another Treasure Point
CD, SoundArt Productions, 1997

With this album, Tom Habes reflects on the music of his successful debut “Treasure Point”, delivering a fine melodic outcome.

While sticking close to and re-interpreting the original compositions, Mr Habes enriched the contemporary instrumentals with a further pleasant layer and cinematic drive. It’s great to hear it echo the mood and feel of the original album, sounding very open and transparent all the way. More laid-back spheres (“Introspection”, “Act of Innocence”) are counterpointed by more dramatic, rhythmic-driven compositions such as “Human Impact” or the spicy up-tempo “Gravity”.

The smooth, sophisticated angle is always present though, making the well-produced cinematic and neo-classical-flavoured “Another Treasure Point” a nice addition to the ’93 release.

Website: www.soundartproductions.eu

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