Optical Image – Interference

Optical Image - Interference

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Optical Image – Interference
CD, Soundart Productions, 1994

The instrumental synth-orchestral music featured on Tom Habes second album as “Optical Image” shows the same sound signature as his debut album, but delivered in a more thoughtful and better composed manner.

Symphonic and cinematic airs fly by in the 59-minute melodic outing, which again is pushed forward by rhythms, sequencer patterns and pronounced bass lines while expressing an optimistic vibe throughout. “Sacrifice” is a kind of visual mini-symphony, taking off up-tempo and rather hectic with quite a lot of things happenings during the 7-minute ride before ending rather euphoric. Another rush of thrilling sounds and symphonic outbursts follows on the narrative “On the Line”.

The joy and fun of ’90’s contemporary electronic music is comprised in the two-part title track, making up 17 minutes of versatile and vibrant aural pleasure. Overall, “Interference” is a positive step forward.

Website: www.soundartproductions.eu

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