Optical Image – Moonchild

Optical Image - Moonchild

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Optical Image – Moonchild
CD, SoundArt Productions, 1998

“Moonchild” is an album continuing the signature sound of Dutch composer Tom Habes, aka Optical Image, has been developing of the years. The five pieces all have a positive air, on which Mr Habes displays fast-paced sequencers, smooth solos hovering over warm textures and synthetic drum.
The opening title track has a melodic, songlike approach, which also goes for the nicely-paced, sequencer-driven “Art of Silence”.

A more introspective and peaceful realm is featured on the 24-minute “Different Places”, which incorporates various tasty Asian spheres followed by rhythmic passages. Despite its rhythmic underlayment, a feel of lightness and easiness roams on “Trance-Formation”. Celestial spheres are nicely addressed on the last track “Out of Space”, a smooth, swirling and even groovy exercise where all elements of Optical Image melt together.

Sonically, the 55-minute “Moonchild” doesn’t offer any surprises, but proves easy-going and solid overall.

Website: www.soundartproductions.eu

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