Optical Image – Treasure Point

Optical Image - Treasure Point

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Optical Image – Treasure Point
CD, Bargain Productions, 1993

Optical Image is a project by Dutch composer Tom Habes, who developed quite an original, cinematic and overall fresh sounding style of electronic music. Tom refers to the music of his debut “Treasure Point” as a journey of images and moods allowing the listener to generate his own impressions.

The cd contains eight transparent and dreamy compositions, featuring a nice marriage of melodic, rhythmic and sequenced music in which certain flavours of his soundtrack and library music already surface between the notes. The layering and combination of sounds and textures is well done, especially on the title track, “Art of an Era” and the energetic “Recollection”, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere throughout.

The only downside of the 71-minute “Treasure Point” is that Tom is recycling the various elements a bit too much, which makes the sparkling element slowly go away.
Nevertheless, “Treasure Point” is an above-average EM-release.

Website: www.soundartproductions.eu

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