Orbifold C – Apeiron

Orbifold C - Apeiron


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Orbifold C – Apeiron
CD/Digital Download, Groove Unlimited, 2020

If I’m not mistaken, it was longtime Russian Em-aficionado Anton Uraletz who paved the way for this music to be released through Groove Unlimited. I’m glad Anton persisted in keeping this guy’s music in the loop since he first discovered a snippet of it in 2007 and followed it down the road until around 2015.

Well, happy, uncomplicated and comfortable times settle down on “Apeiron” by Russian artist Orbifold C, a captivating release packed with 80 minutes of harmonious, cosmic and gentle-melodic tracks that merge the classic sound pallets of ‘70s EM (Jarre especially) and its characteristic timbral structures and subtle Berlin School sequences.

It all senses and feels like the listener is on space patrol, cruising effortlessly through vast galactic environs while planets, stars and cosmic phenomena as well as worlds of wonder pass by in smooth motion. I strongly suggest any Em-fan takes the dip and immerses in the moody, well-crafted “Apeiron”.

Website: www.groove.nl



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