Origen – Electro

Origen - Electro

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Origen – Electro
CD, Private Release, 2004

“Electro” is the debut album of the Origen, aka Alexsey and Denis Zakharenko, a duo from the Ukraine who established the band in 1996.

“Electro” is a collection of 13 melodic tracks which overtly roam in overall relaxing, strong new age kind of music. The cover is rather misleading, as those expecting any kind of space music won’t find it here.

Instead of that, you get contemporary instrumental music containing lots of preset sounds, flute synths and rhythms derived from a standard sounding the rhythm box. So not much excitement, innovations nor any challenges whatsoever……

No, this Muzak-affiliated music noodles around far too much and is too soft to my ears.

Website: www.origenmusic.com


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