Otarion – Creator

Otarion - Creator

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Otarion – Creator
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Neu Harmony, 2002

About a decade ago, German composer Reiner Klein, aka Otarion, made his third and also last album “Creator”. Until today, I regard it as a solid release featuring powerful, rhythmic and melodic synthesizer music accompanied by bubbling and otherwise tasty sequencing. His moody and at times spacy and symphonic music aptly merges elements of Tangerine Dream and ´80´s Jarre with atmospheric passages.

I for one very much like the compelling and jolly good wave running underneath Mr Klein´s 70-minute instrumental excursion along its open and detailed sound spectrum. The versatile and rather complex outcome becomes even more attractive when the various layers of sound start culminating to dramatic effect, building miniature symphonies where passages of majesty and elegance also fly by.

All in all, the fresh and inventive “Creator” will stand its mark as an exciting and fine crafted work of electronics.

Website: www.otarion.de


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