Otarion – Out of Eden

Otarion - Out of Eden

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Otarion – Out of Eden
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 2013

After a break of nearly 10 years, synthesist Reiner Klein (aka Otarion) resurfaces with “Out of Eden”, his fifth release to date.

Compared to his previous music the composer presents an emotive collage of sounds with a bit softer impact on the first few pieces. The music though soon started to grown on me, especially from the title track on. From there on, I was most pleased hearing some deeper, grander and exotic, Eastern flavoured spheres come forward in a beautiful manner. The second half of it brought “Apsaras” by Apsaras to mind, while the ethnic symphonic realms on “A New Alliance” and “Chosen” have a slight touch of Richard Burmer’s track “Celebration in the Four Towers”.

Things turn more rhythmic, grand and ethereal on the groovy “Jeschua”, but softer and hymn-like on “Sacrifice”, rising up in symphonic form on the engaging “Conciliation”. “The White Throne” puts an end to the very nicely rendered fantasy-flavoured and spacious journey into sound. I for one think it deserves a factory-pressed cd release.

Website: www.otarion.de


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