Outer Space Alliance – Outer Space Alliance

Outer Space Alliance - Outer Space Alliance

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Outer Space Alliance – Outer Space Alliance
CD, Holy Feather Productions, 1998/2009

Outer Space Alliance are Arto Koivisto (electronics) Jari Pitkänen (electronics) and Tommi Björk (guitar/keys), an electronic music collective from Helsinki.
This same-titled cd is actually a completely re-recorded and reworked version of their 1998 debut release “Outer Space Alliance Promo-cd-r”, offering a slightly shuffled track listing as well.

The band’s aims is to create attractive melodic ambient soundscapes with slight experimental edges, in which I think they succeeded quite well.
“Cellular Riot” takes have a rhythmic approach, and has a certain Kraftwerk/Elektronische Maschine-feel to it with minimal elements.
But overall the fresh sounding music with occasional minimal sequencer patterns has a positive and rather chill-out character, emphasized by the implementation of environment sounds.

In addition, “Dishwasher Deluge”, “Her World Seen Through The Glass” , “High Tide” and “Foo” may not be left unmentioned either, radiating an unhurried but constant flow of movement and smooth ambient spheres. More darker, experimental flavours rule on “Dea Alba”, which is the only hard nut to crack between the other pieces.

The clear and transparent sound production gives the music an extra push as well.

Website: www.holyfeather.com


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