Owann – Eternal Return

Owann - Eternal Return


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Owann – Eternal Return

The 76-minute “Eternal Return”, the second release in Wool-E’s series of Belgian NeuMusik, by Belgium composer Johan De Paepe (aka Owann) is a concept album inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s hypothesis of Eternal Return.

Lush and light sequences along a subtle melodic line fill the space on opener “Return to Sils-Maria” before leading into the starker, gentle blooming free form ambiances of “Frozen”. “White Forest” continues the imaginative journey with immersive, dreamful textures, followed by the spacious, soft soaring, gently sequenced and highly emotive “Silvaplana”. A slice of classic Schulze can be discerned between the notes of this great 15-minute track.

Beautiful introspective, smooth morphing ambient tapestries make up the 8-minute title piece. It’s a nice entrance to spherical paintings and intriguingly sequenced “Walking to Surlei”, creating quite some hypnotizing realms during the ride. The closing piece “Memories” is lovely coda for piano and synths completing the circle.

All in all, Johan’s “Eternal Return” makes a most enjoyable and well produced/mastered recording. Recommended.

Website: owann.bandcamp.com


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