Parallel Worlds – Dark Energy

Parallel Worlds - Dark Energy

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Parallel Worlds – Dark Energy
CD-r/12″/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Moatun 7, 2022

Bakis Sirros’ “Dark Energy” contains five 10-minute atmospheric ambiences, as usual, created through his analogue modulars along digital FM and virtual analogue synths sampling. Drony, minimalist textural landscapes of an exploring, quite adventurous nature are mapped out here creating evocative waves of bliss.  The CD-R and download edition include one additional track not featured on the 12”. The rise and fall of more energetic-charged soundscapes on “Sub-Atomic Particles” deserves a special mention, but things work even better on the intense title piece with its mesmerizing circular, floating patterns. The latter also surfaces on the final track “Eternal Purity”, a lovely drift into the wide open.

I´d recommend listening to this release with quality headphones to sense and perceive its full impact.


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