Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell – Dystopia

Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell – Dystopia

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Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell – Dystopia

The title of the duos second distance collaboration already suggests dark electronics -a style Bakis Sirros (aka Parallel Worlds) and Dave Bessell both appreciate a lot- and that’s what the listeners can expect here. As their debut “Morphogenic” already proved, Bakis has quite an intuitive approach to writing his music, giving Dave the opportunity to add some traditional classical skills to that.

The original idea (a tribute to gothic novel writer HP Lovecraft) to have a definite theme which ran all the way through “Dystopia” didn’t really work as both musicians quite soon felt restricted in what they were trying to write so very quickly they abandoned that and let the music guide them instead. The latter process saw Bakis playing his Buchla, Serge, and, (mostly) his big Eurorack modular -which is now his ‘to go’ synth- while Dave applied his analogue synths and e-guitar for special guitar soundscapes.

The mood and feel on the eight track/60-minute result is one of a darkening future as well as a certain sense of remorse dripping through the crispy yet organic sounds, textures and melodic lines. Haunting, intriguing and gothic also apply to the duos work full of fat but mellow vintage sonic creations and sequences, adding a level of gloominess and surrealism as well as an abstract-industrial edge to the sound of ARC (if one wants a kind of comparison). Can’t deny I’d love to see these creative spirits perform their stuff live somehow, sometime….


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