Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell – Phosphenes

Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell - Phosphenes

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Paralle Worlds & Dave Bessell – Phosphenes

The stark, surreal and gothic are most present on “Phosphenes”, the third abstract-ambient effort of Bakis Sirros and Dave Bessell, who share a passion for vintage instruments and the powerful, in-depth sounds they can produce.

The eight tracks centre on cinematic and haunting atmosphere building, intriguing analogue sound design with only sparse melody alongside crispy sound effects and rhythms. A more sedate, smoother and almost dreamy sphere is heard on “Silent Observer”, contrary a set of harsher, malevolent spheres gathering on e.g. “Obscure Memories”, “Darkest Colour” and the psychedelic-ish “Mindgames” (where Dave adds a touch of e-guitar).

The tricks of the minds are given a voice on the slightly symphonic “Dream Creator” before “Inner Beacon” rounds out the fascinating recording in a lush, tasty but also melancholic sense. I for one feel this piece could do very well alongside end credits of a movie going by. Thumbs up, guys!





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