Parallel Worlds – Dimensional

Parallel Worlds - Dimensional

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Parallel Worlds – Dimensional
CD-r/12″/Digital Download, Móatún7, 2021

For this release, following in the footsteps of Bakis Sirros third collaborative album “Phosphenes” with Dave Bessell, Bakis used analogue sequencers and synths only along analogue shift registers, quantizers, trigger delays, rotating clock dividers, clock multipliers, harmonic oscillators, granular processor & more. In the process of moulding and composing neither midi or midi-cv converters were used, only cv’s, gates and triggers as well as countless lfo’s, vca’s & many vco’s, vcf’s and adsr’s.

The 49-minute non-melodic result has a stark, imaginative and rather abstract character with a fascinating surreal, sci-fi vibe putting their mark on the title-track and “A Serge Story”. Also expect some foreboding, dark/gothic veils popping up occasionally, most notably on the first half of “Liberation”.

All in all I wouldn’t describe “Dimensional’s” bare analogue music an easy recording (at times it feels a ride in a time-machine) although its content stays accessible while there’s enough to discover for the analogue connoisseur. Both the cd and download edition include two additional tracks not featured on the 12”.


Website: http://moatun7,

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