Parallel Worlds – Far Away Light

Parallel Worlds - Far Away Light

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Parallel Worlds – Far Away Light
CD-R, Shima Records, 2005

For fans of vintage analogues, the music of Bakis Sirros (aka Parallel Worlds) is something special. His output is retro music with a modern twitch, for which he intelligently applies his assortment analogue step sequencers and analogue modulars.

In my opinion, Bakis’sonic adventure through a landscape of slow-tempo electronica remains one of a kind, which also applies to his third album “Far Away Light”.
There’s the rather quirky side of the music, featuring lots of bubbling sounds and effects next to groovy rhythmic patterns and beats, all moving along in a slow, circular pace.

The output of Parallel Worlds is a vibrant living space, a breathing organism of fine crafted and molded analogue sounds with a strong organic and occasionally even a beautiful cinematic edge.
But there’s also a moody, fluent side to his cross-over electronica, e.g. nicely displayed on “Dreamstate”, “Misty Journey” or the title track.

After hearing the nicely rendered melancholic musings of the closing track “Fading Memories”, I’m sure we will hear more innovative music from this Greek master of analogues in the years to come.


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