Parallel Worlds – Fragmented

Parallel Worlds - Fragmented

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Parallel Worlds – Fragmented


Bakis Sirros´ “Fragmented” is another cinematic-oriented release fully fletched with the composer’s impressive modular walls, most notably the Eurorack as well as the Buchla system.

Profound, wonderous, slow-moving soundscapes make up the very nice opening and closing tracks (“Dawning” and “Sunset”) of the release, each hinting at a lucid, mesmerizing state of being. “Moments” and the following tracks though head totally into a different direction, alternate realities so to speak, where each piece serves its own estranged, stark, and darkening moodscape created out of crispy organic sounds, glitchy percussive structures, and bold bass lines with brooding yet floating melodic pads hovering in between. Here, a certain sense of blackness, isolation, and loneliness can’t be missed. This aural veil turns briefly into minimal form with the organ-like drone layers of “Time Flow” while quirky experimentalism is all over the place on the hard-to-crack “Failure” and “Vactrol Engine”.    

As already noted by label boss Ian Boddy, lovers of adventurous, glitchy electronica, dark techno, downtempo & IDM should check out “Fragmented”. Rest me to say this (still) not for the faint of heart….


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