Parallel Worlds – Obsessive Surrealism

Parallel Worlds - Obsessive Surrealism

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Parallel Worlds – Obsessive Surrealism
CD, DiN, 2007

“Obsessive Surrealism” is the fourth full-length release of musician Bakis Sirros aka Parallel Worlds, one continuing the path of innovative dreamy atmospheric electronics since he started his music project in 1998. In a way he again succeeded in surprising me as Bakis reaches new heights with the eleven tracks featured on the album. The combination of fat sounds from his big analogue modulars and step sequencers with the output of modern electronic gear has worked out very well this time. There’s a beautiful sense of warmth and melancholy to be felt throughout the whole album, especially in the intimate sound sculptures of the opening track “Beneath Fear”, the soft lingering of “Increasing Complexity” or the dense realms of “Reflective”. And although these 60 minutes of music as such may not be that easy or accessible at times (“Into the Caves of the Mind” is delving just a bit to deep for me), the emotional contents is always there or to be noticed just beneath the surface. But only if you have an open mind towards this kind of music and allow your ears to hear its deeper level. Nice going Bakis!


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