Parallel Worlds – Reflections

Parallel Worlds - Reflections

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Parallel Worlds – Reflections


With “Reflections”, skilled Greek synthesist Bakis Sirros continues his sojourn through organic, dark-ambient electronics. The eight tracks air malevolent, gloomy, and stark atmospheres incorporating abstract future-noir as well as minimal electro. The profound adventurous 45-minute outcome is not for the faint of heart, as a strange assemblage of buzzing textures and machine/mechanical-like rhythmic patterns pass by. In that respect, “Spectral” proved too hard and experimental for my ears while the cyclic “Holographic”, broadening, captivating textures of “Isolation”, the futurist “Time Multiplier” and the hypnotizing “Sinesculpture” are more my cup of tea.

Attentive headphone listening will reveal the recording’s expert mixing and mastering as well as its many details.

Overall rating: between 3 and 3.5 stars


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