Parallel Worlds & Self Oscillate – World Adapter

Parallel Worlds & Self Oscillate - World Adapter

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Parallel Worlds & Self Oscillate – World Adapter

“World Adapter” contains 10 modular improvisations taking the experienced ambient listener into the lands of electronic futurism and mellow IDM with a dash of controlled experimentalism thrown in. Having collaborated previously as Interconnected, Ingo Zobel (Self Oscillate) and Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds), both musicians hereby extend upon complex modulations, intricate rhythms and simple, lush melodies.

A closer listen (headphones recommended!) to each of the adventurous tracks on this album reveal a more complex outcome beyond more depth, differentiation and detail in each of the crispy sounding pieces, which were all assembled with analogue Doepfer, Serge, Eurorack and Buchla systems. Next to the already mentioned futuristic feel, melancholy also surfaces on various spots, such as on the excellent opener “My Window View”, “Day 1” and the vocal-flavored track “Legend Silence”. The latter is graced with the elegant, ethereal voice of Polish singer/composer India Czajkowska. The midsection of “World Adapter” breaths a more abstract flavor, culminating in the experimental currents of “Ceramics”.

Although creating this result was most time consuming and demanding, Bakis and Ingo can be proud of another nicely crafted album which celebrates the infinite possibilities and challenges set by modular analogue synthesizers. To me, the intriguing, enigmatic and intrinsic quality of “World Adapter” is imminent.

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