Parallel Worlds -Tonal Paintings

Parallel Worlds -Tonal Paintings

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Parallel Worlds – Tonal Paintings
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Lost in It Records, 2018

Travelling back to and investigating the early years of a musician is always something special, in my opinion at least. “Tonal Paintings” is a vinyl featuring unreleased tracks by skilled Greek synthesist Bakis Sirros (aka Parallel Worlds) from the period of 1995-97. The 8–track outcome on this recording already reveals his love for creating cinema, highly atmospheric and Berlin School flavoured electronics as well as his fine craftsmanship using his pride and joy for it: analogue gear. Dark, slightly gothic and rather sinister moods shine clearly through the leaves of the slow-paced, crispy sounding compositions that contain only glimpses of melody. The sphere lightens up on “Sea Dream”, a lovely, soft glistening floater where the analogues shine in pastel colours next to a dense yet emotive current running throughout “A Dream within a Dream”. In addition, I think the sequencer-driven “Tonal Painting 2” would stand out even more if it lasted longer to develop further.

All in all, the album offers 41-minutes of attentively crafted vintage electronics reminiscent of the X-Files as well as John Carpenter’s haunting movie scores.

Note: The physical release of “Tonal Paintings” is limited to 250 black and 50 coloured copies.



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