Parikrama – Manusyaloka

Parikrama - Manusyaloka

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Parikrama – Manusyaloka
CD, Gterma, 2013

“Manusyaloka” is the second full-length album of German composer Seetyca and his trusted sound technician Artin Mucht for the Scandinavian Gterma label. Sonically, it’s an extension of the fine ambient journey that was undertaken on the previous “The Silent Bōn”.

From the first track on, the listeners ascends into a deep, mysterious netherworld of expansive drone tapestries, minimal tribal beats and some exotic flute licks. The floating, soft curling and shape shifting sky opens up on “Aparagoyana”, letting more space in while halfway even some strings and repetitive tribal percussion show up.

“Jambudvipa”, the longest track on the album, returns to vaporous, deep lands where the sonic trail remains intense, psychedelic and mysterious but again but the jolly guitar strings and minimal percussion also show up again. The expanse open up once more on “Himaphan”, but again the vague string soundings are quite distracting and out of place here. Fortunately, the final piece “Meru” is all about broadening, spiraling textures with a slight ghostly touch.

I’m not entirely convinced by this deep ambient outing, as I would have loved more of the first and last track in here.



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