Parikrama – The Silent Bōn

Parikrama - The Silent Bōn

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Parikrama – The Silent Bōn
CD, GTerma, 2011

Parikrama can be translated as “the path surrounding a holy place”. It’s a collaborative project by German composers Seetyca (who has been doing experimental music since 1992) and his regular sound technician Artin Mucht, who have dedicated the album’s outcome to the highly spiritual works of David Parsons. Previous to this full-length album, the duo released the 15-minute Ep “Parikrama” on the Russian DNA-label.

“The Silent Bōn” was created in six week timeframe in autumn 2011 using electronics, samples and acoustic instruments. Its music started flowing after a trip Artin made to Tibet. There he learned about the old shamanistic religion with its strong relation to Mt.Kailash as the center of a circling spiritual world. These themes and inspirations were exactly what the two musicians were after and wanted to do musically.

The outcome of “The Silent Bōn” is lush, deep textural music with an overall elevating and contemplative effect, although there’s also occasionally a strong organic/abstract edge to it. It very nicely describes the deep impact of the vast, serene landscapes encountered in the Himalayas along its undeniable mystic impact and indefinable sacred/religious meaning inflicted by the Tibetan shaman.
Besides that, it roams in the kindred sonic worlds that have been explored by David Parsons, opening up huge windows looking out over vibrant worlds and freezing realms beyond.

In addition, John Rehn’s beautiful photography is a perfect match to the album’s hallucinogenic music and distinct sonic perfume.
All in all, if you’re looking for a deep listening experience in the ambient genre, the mesmerizing “The Silent Bōn” sure will be an appropriate pick (and make sure you don’t miss the hidden eight track).



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