Parsick & Reuter – Lament

Parsick & Reuter - Lament

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Parsick & Reuter – Lament
CD, Gterma, 2012

The music of Parsick & Reuter’s second ambient release “Lament”, that both musicians consider a successor to the 2007 album “Ceasing to Exist”, was recorded between July and September 2010. It contains nearly 70 minutes/seven tracks of in-depth and lush textural soundscape drones, accompanied by processed/atmospheric guitar-strings and loop devices.

The outcome is rather deep and mesmerizing, floating and drifting into higher spheres beyond while bordering different, almost otherworldly dimensions. Here, darkening, mysterious and slightly foreboding spheres are always nearby, with foggy atmospheric conditions rolling in or passing by.

This is a challenging and adventurous sonic trip into deeper realms, with abstract/experimental and psychedelic passages, so not for the faint-hearted. Especially the 24-minute piece “And all which is not” (“classic Fripp/Eno with loads of heavily processed Touch Guitar, VCS-3 and loops” as Stephen depicts it), feels like a neverending descent into the abyss of the vast unknown with no escape-route. Ghostly and eerie spheres make up the main course on “Below Ice”.

Compared to that, the opening track “Weightless Particles” and the smooth drifting dronescapes with guitar heard on the closing piece “Reign of Dust” make the most accessible of the serious ambient heavy-weight “Lament”.



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