Pascal Languirand – De Harmonia Universalia

Pascal Languirand - De Harmonia Universalia

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Pascal Languirand – De Harmonia Universalia
LP, Minos/Polydor, 1980

I personally feel “De Harmonia Universalia” is still the best album by Canadian/French composer Pascal Languirand before he would be drawn into New Age territory and wrapped-up in the world of digital gear in the ’90’s.

The spiritual-infused music contained on this release is one of atmospheric and vibrant ambient, paying tribute to oriental/Gregorian chants on one side while also not straying far from the classic German electronic music of Schulze and TD. There are even elements of progressive rock, early Pink Floyd, Enigma or Dead Can Dance noticeable occasionally.

The five tracks paint beautiful imaginary spheres and see Mr Languirand play nice chords on the Roland Jupiter-4, Moog Taurus, Micro Moog,and a Roland guitar synthesizer alongside some tasty Latin singing through a Korg vocoder. The exotic realm is emphasized by the use of cymbals, congas and bells, while bass and e-guitar lend more body to the music overall. This alchemy of sounds is best expressed on “Atlantis”, “O Nos Omnes” and “Nova”.

Years later, in 1993 to be exact, excerpts of this album and Pascal’s debut “Minos” would end up on a private released cd “Pascal Languirand” that’s very hard to find nowadays.

Make sure you track down this fine recording if you love vintage cosmic music with a mystic vibe .



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