Pascal Languirand – Ishtar

Pascal Languirand - Ishtar

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Pascal Languirand – Ishtar
CD, Aspa Records, 1993

Many will know Canadian composer and producer Pascal Languirand of his well-known techno-project Trans-X or -even better- his classic EM-albums “Minos” and “De Harmonia Universalia”.

“Ishtar” is his fifth solo- release, featuring instrumental electronic music with occasional symphonic/orchestral hints and choir pads along some distinct exotic flavours. Although the music tries to evoke a certain mystic feeling (especially in the last two tracks “The Realm of Enki” and “Voice of Ishtar”), there’s a constant veil of softness lying over the music, breathing a strong artificial feel almost simultaneously.

It all makes the nine-track outcome too easy and cheesy to my taste, lacking heart and soul. This is what happened quite a lot when composers switched to the digital domain in the ’90’s, making their music lose lots of character. Those familiar with Languirand’s album “Gregorian Waves” already heard the consequences before, but not yet ending up as empty and superficial as on this album.



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