Pascal Savy – The Endless Seasons

Pascal Savy - The Endless Seasons

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Pascal Savy – The Endless Seasons
CD-R, Field Noise Records, 2010

“The Endless Seasons”, available as a digital download Ep, is an experimental ambient project by Pascal Savy and Toshikatsu (whose also head of the Field Noise Records).
The slow, non-rhythmic miniature soundscapes and expansive drone pads found here explore the concept of Japanese seasons within the realm of imagination, and their intrinsic absence of absolutes, where each piece is corresponding to one particular seasonal period.

The microsound compositions and hand-crafted lacquer incense cases breath an introspective, dense but not distant atmosphere, whereas environmental and field recordings act as subtle counterpoints to the introspective spaces.

The smooth surface soundscapes of the 10-minute “Colours of White” is a great ending of the album, which is even more fascinating when experienced with headphones.

“The Endless Seasons” is released either as a free 4-tracks 320mp3 download under CC license or as a paying hi-definition (48kHz/24bit) wav files package from FNR. The latter can be purchased on USB memory stick with a set of natural lacquer incense cases.
The hi-definition version of “The Endless Seasons” comes with a fifth track as a bonus, the 8-minute “Endless”, which nicely complements the previous music.


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