Pascal Savy – The Silent Watcher

Pascal Savy - The Silent Watcher

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Pascal Savy – The Silent Watcher
CD-R, Audiomoves, 2010

Pascal Savy is a London-based electronic music composer who started experimenting with sequencers and synthesizers in the late nineties. Being influenced by the Detroit techno scene, he started making recordings of his output on tapes and mini-discs.

“The Silent Watcher”, a digital-only release on David Newman/Autistici’s new label Audiomoves, was written over the last two years. It started on the initial idea of exploring sounds from very old memories that had somehow crystallized into an abstract mental gallery.

Well, the seven pieces on “The Silent Watcher” reveal some nice craftsmanship embedded in the warm, introspective slightly melodic atmospheres, which features lots of lost and found sounds as well.

While carefully assembling granular textures, organic fragments and field recordings, there’s a sense of longing and melancholy running through Savy’s quiet, smoothly layered ambient soundscape excursions, which are related to old childhood memories.
“Asleep” has a rhythmic, repetitive structure with clicks, effects and dense atmospheres. A hypnotizing whirl of sedate sounds is also found on the almost 9-minute “Oblique”, a pure and honest atmospheric world that also marks on the great album closer “Fading Colours”.

All in all, “The Silent Watcher” is a precisely mapped-out work of slow music and sound art, best experienced through headphones to catch its wonderful detail, warmth and moody spheres. This music for the slow lane will appear to be very rewarding when you give it focused and repeated listening.


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