Patrick Kosmos – Mindscapes

Patrick Kosmos - Mindscapes


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Patrick Kosmos – Mindscapes
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 1987/2019

Originally released privately around 1986/1987 on cassette, “Mindscapes” was later also included in “The Chronicles” cd-r box set. “Mindscapes” is Patrick Kosmos’ second album receiving a long-awaited release as factory-pressed cd.

What we got here is a very nicely rendered, slow evolving melodic/atmospheric album with its own cosmic sound signature besides various 70’s TD sounds featured on two long and one short part of 29, 24 and 4 minutes respectively. I’d say “Mindscapes parts 2 and 3” turns out an almost introspective-oriented affair with its gentle resonating and flowing textures along a brief section with piano. The concluding 15-minute “Moonchild” is a most pleasant and tranquil sound trip, its overall mood airing a certain Schulzian feel as well as some great vintage TD sounds, Mellotron pads, emotive soloing and slow morphing sequencing.

All in all, “Mindscapes” makes an excellent addition to any electronic music collection.


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