Patrick O’Hearn – Ancient Dreams

Patrick O'Hearn - Ancient Dreams


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Patrick O’Hearn – Ancient Dreams
CD, Private Music, 1985

“Ancient Dreams” is the debut album by bassist and synthesist Patrick O’Hearn, which would soon become a favourite of many fans in the electronic music genre, together with its follow-up album “Between Two Worlds”.

Nicely kicked of by the lovely soundings of “At First Light”, the dynamic music, in which some thunder drums spice up the orchestral synth chords and fluid textures, is overall mysterious, dreamy and rather dark.
The hidden vibrations and extraordinary undercurrents embedded in the haunting, expertly rendered multi-colour soundscapes makes the outcome even more captivating.

Far too soon, the seventh track “Last Performance” announces itself, already ending this carefully moulded atmospheric journey in a distinctive feel and moody manner. Which brings me to the only minor point of “Ancient Dreams”: its time duration of 32 minutes, as I would have loved to see it continue a bit longer.

In 2000, this timeless masterpiece album was reissued on One Way Records.


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