Patrick O’Hearn – Between Two Worlds

Patrick O'Hearn - Between Two Worlds


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Patrick O’Hearn – Between Two Worlds
CD, Private Music, 1987

“Between Two Worlds” is the second album of contemporary electronic composer and musician Patrick O’Hearn, whose debut album “Ancient Dreams” received lots of airplay and positive responses from the electronic music community.

This time, the cd has an acceptable playing time of 48 minutes, of which the further matured music stays close to the fresh, intelligent electronics and overall aesthetic sound of its predecessor, but reaches an even higher level of quality.

The 10 spacy but still slightly dark and shady tracks feature haunting melodies to which some excellent percussion and beats kick in.
“Rainmaker” is a great atmospheric and cinematic outing, as are the captivating sounds of “Sky Juice” and the positive vibe captured in the melody of “Forever the Optimist”, which is simply beautiful and refreshing.
It all makes “Between Two Worlds” a highly recommended cd.


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