Patrick O’Hearn – Rivers Gonna Rise

Patrick O'Hearn - Rivers Gonna Rise

Release data:

Patrick O’Hearn – Rivers Gonna Rise
CD, Private Music, 1988

On his third album “Rivers gonna rise”, Mr O’Hearn implements a good portion of frettless bass to his fine alchemy of electronic sounds.

The sound of the ten tracks is upbeat, bright and airs a beautiful sense of hope. Contrary to his previous two releases, the music on the 45-minute “Rivers gonna rise” offers more sonic layers, which is also due to the great contribution of the five skilled musicians playing along with Patrick O’Hearn.

In this regard, the playful style of Mark Isham (trumpet, flugelhorn) deserves a special mention beside the excellent percussion scattered all over the release. Next to the more up-tempo pieces, “Forgiveness” and “A Brief Repose” are quiet, more reflective ambient pieces.

All in all, the laid back and positive oriented music found on “Rivers gonna rise” is able to create a pleasant mood and a balanced state of mind.


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