Patrick O´Hearn – Trust

Patrick O´Hearn - Trust

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Patrick O´Hearn – Trust
CD, Deep Cave Records, 1995

Patrick O’Hearn’s album “Trust” followed after a four-year absence of solo album recording, a period in which he moved from California to North Carolina and was wrapped-up in composing film scores. The album (which earned Mr O’Hearn his first Grammy nomination) was initially released on his own label Deep Cave Records, which unfortunately folded the year after due to severe and enduring problems after three prominent distributor bankruptcies.

The great spatial sound and warm atmospheres that made his first albums so special return on the opening track “Liberty”, followed by the highly cinematic “Two Continents”. The remaining five tracks on the release, with highlights like the title piece and the emotive, mournful “Farewell” at the end, also pair beautiful bass work with sophisticated percussion and engaging if not enchanting synth work that made his first two albums breathe and shine so nicely.

All these instrumental tracks prove inspirational and introspective, carrying a mild sense of drama in them. “Trust” is for all those fond of Patrick’s emotive, imaginary mood music, although some darker shades fly by more than once.


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