Patrick Schouten – Soul of the Mountain

Patrick Schouten - Soul of the Mountain

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Patrick Schouten – Soul of the Mountain
CD, Private Release, 2007

Patrick Schouten is a Dutch sound designer, composer and producer. “Soul of the Mountain” is a moody (“emotionally charged”) ambient release, which explores airy environments, on which one can’t miss the slight influence of Vangelis.

“Heights” lifts off in slow pace, carefully taking the listener to higher altitude while the melodic soundscapes meander forth. “Perspective” announces a slow-paced sequencer pattern while soothing textures keep whirling round as a vocal synth-pad and a steady rhythm are added.
“Inner Strength” is a lush, quietening 10-minute composition with twinkling sounds and percussion making you feel at ease.

The dreamy atmosphere smoothly continues on “Earth and Wind”, flowing into the 9-minute, “Caverns”, which somehow made me think of Software’s “Island Sunrise” without drums but with a sax solo-vice.
“Rocks and Marbles” again ventures in more rhythmic territory with its sequenced patterns, to which whirling soundtextures are added.

The album winds down with the slow beats and rhythms of the rather empty sounding “Thin Air”, which didn’t grab me at all. A poor ending of a mediocre ambient album that certainly has its moments.



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