Patterns of the Sky – The Long Flight

Patterns in the Sky - The Long Flight

Patterns of the Sky is a soundscape ambient project by Texas-based musician Glenn Matson that was originally founded in 2005 as an outlet for lush and old-style trance. Mr Matson designed it as well for refining sounds of pure bliss and music for thoughts through seminal techno and classic trance music since its inception.

“The Long Flight” opens up a highly cinematic and overall lush soundworld of almost 80 minutes, featuring 13 music tracks that were composed between 2005 and 2012. We’re talking about fine framework of ambient drone and textural music that easily wraps the listener into the magic realms of space found above and below the clouds.

This is no pure drift though, as minimal currents are gently swirling along inside this soft breathing and pulsating sonic cocoon to hypnotic and dreamy effect. It’s a slight pity I occasionally noticed some faint crackles in the sound spectrum, such as in the beautifully morphing title piece. Other beauties on this work of ambient art are “Cry”, “Stagnant Beauty” and “Upstreams”, all found in the albums mid-section.
A bit later on, the reflective music ventures into even deeper territory with the mesmerizing “Subterranean Frequency” and “The Beautiful Grey”.

Summarizing: the highly atmospheric and cyclic drifting “The Long Flight” makes some most pleasant and relaxing headphone listening.




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