Paul Avgerinos – Words Touch

Paul Avgerinos - Words Touch

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Paul Avgerinos – Words Touch
CD, Round Sky Music, 2001

“Words Touch” is the follow-up to Paul’s album “Sky of Grace”, which again blends soft-symphonic and tribal-kindred ingredients.
It’s done in a keen way, as things stay overall accessible, but overall sound more fluid and introspective compared to his previous record.

Again, Paul is joined by some guest musicians (Jeff Pearce and Brian Keane on guitar, Kevin Braheny on his famous EWI, and David Darling on cello). The outcome on “Words Touch” is overall relaxing and uplifting music, which features some warm textural vocal choirs which made me think of Robert Rich.

Although the music sometimes might venture a bit too much into new age territory, the dreamy and melodic impact of the music takes things to a higher level.
This well produced, composed and executed music that deserves to be cherished in a quiet, peaceful environment.


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