Paul Ellis – I Am Here

Paul Ellis - I Am Here


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Paul Ellis – I Am Here

In the words of the composer, “I Am Here” is a sort of a counterpart to his previous album “From Out Of The Vast Comes Nearness”, released on the same label. The concept album and its music is inspired by the Chinook tribe of Native Amaricans who once resided in the Columbia River Gorge, their rock art and culture.

The cd contains three expansive pieces (two 20-minute pieces along one of 29 minutes) that sonically see a return to large canvas soundscapes, interlocking sequencers, powerful percussion and an array of gently unfolding synthesizers patterns next to a beautiful kaleidoscope of vintage and modern sounds. Despite its fascinating complex sound design, Mr Ellis has composed transparent and spacious tapestries of multi-coloured pads and solo-voices with lots of detail, breaks and hidden dynamics.

In addition, there’s a fascinating, passionate current pushing things forward, while the ever-changing, at times minimal sonic landscape heads into unexpecting directions as it keeps releasing its array of tasty and rich flavours. Especially on the emotive “Chinook Wind” and the epic final piece, the tantelizing retro feel is very strong.

All in all, the impressive and never failing “I Am Here” (again with a top-notch mastering job by Ben Cox) is one exciting ride. It’s a real grower that breaths the immense and the timeless, while wandering into alternate dimensions.


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