Paul Ellis – Interstellar Nataraja

Paul Ellis - Interstellar Nataraja

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Paul Ellis – Interstellar Nataraja
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2019

It seemed Paul Ellis put an end to his EM-career in January 2016 when his trusted studio dissolved, having lost decade’s worth of accumulated studio equipment. This heavy blow caused him to take a firm break from electronic music as he didn’t want to rebuild his working space as it was.

With the imaginary sounding “Interstellar Nataraja” this musical phoenix from the US has risen again. The release features a 78-minute long-form journey of almost entirely analogue electronic space music incorporation a whole range of vintage synth sounds along the way. As Mr Ellis elaborates in the booklet he put a little extra work into letting the improvised composition go where it would.

Compared to Paul’s previous output, this lengthy sonic undertaking –divided in seven parts- leads the listener into clearly darker-flavoured, mystic worlds with far less emphasis on harmony and melody. Moreover an adventurous current slumbers throughout the slow unfolding string of textures with occasional sequenced sections, taking various unexpected hooks and weird turns. I feel the fifth and seventh parts are the most special apart from the opening.

In the end “Interstellar-Nataraja” makes a well-made but at the same time also quite an unusual, challenging recording. It’s certainly not an everyday’s cup of tea.



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