Paul Ellis – Moth in Flames

Paul Ellis - Moth in Flames


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Paul Ellis – Moth in Flames
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2015

Upon request, Mr Ellis let me know the title of this release could mean several different things, from unrequited love to environmental problems. But the main thing he was actually thinking of with the phrase “Moth in Flames” is an artist becoming completely lost in the work itself. It has led to a quality recording for which Paul spent a lot of time crafting each sound from scratch as 0 presets were used.

In addition, he focused on a cleaner, precise sound while composing more concise pieces contrary to the much longer, stretched out tracks done previously. For “Moth in Flames”, much emphasis was also put on the harmonic side to achieve a mesmerizing sonic environment containing still enough chord changes to keep a forward momentum going. At the same time, the composer aimed for a contemplative album that would generate a quiet mood, but assuring each track would have its own distinct flavor.

Well, all the aforementioned has come together very nicely on the exciting, pleasantly paced and quite complex “Moth in Flames”, starting the flame over and over again with an arc of captivating sounds, pads and sequencer patterns featured in carefully molded compositions that all contain a beautiful sense of space and emotion along some minimal touches.

For me, the in-depth atmospheric “She walks in beauty” is a special track due to its peculiar, almost enigmatic evolving shape. The main solo featured here is actually a violin and cello duet, with both violin and cello being put through separate synth filters so each part was phasing individually, sweeping in and out of focus. Another fine track is “Light of a departing train”, although this piece displays a more energetic drive. A special note goes out to “Waves for Durga”, where the music enters a beautiful vintage sonic aura. The final track “Between The Trees; Mount Hood”, named after a local mountain in Oregon, is a gradually evolving soundscape describing life in a forest. The cinematic piece starts out in the daytime and later ending up in the mysterious, natural darkening phenomena taking place during nighttime. It’s a moody conclusion to this fascinating piece of sonic art definitely worth many listens. Well accomplished, Paul!


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