Paul Ellis – Wrapped in Silence

Paul Ellis - Wrapped in Silence

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Paul Ellis – Wrapped in Silence
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2010

For “Wrapped In Silence”, containing one 58-minute piece, Paul Ellis set up all his keyboards with various string pad sounds and dialed in every sound to fit together for the mood he wanted. He made sure each sound was to be distinct, but not clashing in any way with the other. Next he chose a key (C# minor) and found all the chords in that key.

Shortly after that, Paul performed the whole track in one go, playing several variations of a string pad sound on different synthesizers in a slow fashion. The outcome, very different than what Mr Ellis usually writes, is an expansive ambient-space soundscape featuring a continuous string of elevating synth textures and layers with symphonic impact that shift and evolve slowly. The last 15 minutes reveal a slight pastoral feel with a subdued organ texture running underneath the lush textures.

This attentively crafted mood music is blissful, rich, comforting and even imaginary, putting the composer and the listener in the relaxed mode it was designed for. If you love and look for grand aural spaces such as Altus (although not as graceful), “Wrapped In Silence” fits the bill effectively.


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