Paul Haslinger – Planetary Traveler OST

Paul Haslinger - Planetary Traveler OST

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Paul Haslinger – Planetary Traveler OST
CD, Third Planet Entertainment, 1998

This is the original soundtrack album former TD-member Paul Haslinger composed for “Planetary Traveler”, the brainchild of two-time Emmy award winning director/producer Jan C. Nickman, noted for such projects as the computer animated hit “The Mind’s Eye”.

The twelve dynamic tracks feature a powerful blend of symphonic orchestrated sound textures and electronics, to which Chris Franke lend a hand by providing choral and percussion arrangements next to help and advice.

The cd-cover itself describes the complex outcome as “interplanetary world music”, which contains progrock influences next to thunder drums occasional screaming guitar solo’s.

As a bonus to this full album remix of the score, Haslinger added four new pieces exclusively for this release, which also holds a cd-rom providing background information about Planetary Travelers.

In a way, this well executed, orchestrated space music feels like a rollercoaster ride with quiet interludes (like “Lhodwi”).

Although some influenced of Paul’s “World without Rules” shimmer through the music, “Planetary Traveler” is a recommended sonic experience.



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