Paul Lawler – Bronx Shadows

Paul Lawler - Bronx Shadows

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Paul Lawler – Bronx Shadows
CD-R, Ricochet Dream, 2004

“Bronx Shadows” is a live album from 1997, containing a recording of Lawler’s “Electric Cafe” concert in Derby, UK.
The version reviewed here is not the original version featured on Paul’s website, but a copy of the limited re-release edition (100 numbered cps) which includes three exclusive bonus tracks (“Beyond the Age of Reason”, “Slide Zone” and “Karma”).

Lawler’s music is typically UK synth-music: powerful at time but also with lots of melody & quiet moments, but always pleasant to the ear. A great atmosphere is set with the live-version of “The Shadow”, the opener of his debut “Bronx Age” from ’97.

Throughout the album Lawler uses rhythms & sequences effectively, implementing some Asian effect as well on “Messages”. Like “The Shadow”, “Run with the Hunted” is another great up-tempo track, and one can clearly hear the joy of making music in “French Garden”.

The beautiful symphonic “Beyond the Age….” carries slight comparison with Vangelis surely a bonus track which shouldn’t be missed. “Slide Zone” is also a great exercise, featuring some great vocal contributions.

This edition of “Bronx Shadows” is something special, so if you’re a fan of his music make sure to get a copy.


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