Paul Lawler – Opus

Paul Lawler - Opus

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Paul Lawler – Opus
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

The 61-minute “Opus” is an a instrumental space/rock/EM album by Paul Lawler, starring Zlatko Perica (of TD-fame) and guitarist Paul Speer as guest-musicians to add some melodic prog-rock hooks to a couple of tracks.
The whole album airs a sturdy vintage ’70’s realm where anthemic, darkening and cosmic spheres assemble, forming a blazing journey through sound. With a good ear to detail, the powerful, highly cinematic music is dressed with lots of synth-wizardy and massive pads along cool beats and percussion. Its captivating impact never makes the listener lose his attention, which is also due to the versatile use and keen merging of sounds.

This nicely crafted album is available from online platforms such as Bandcamp.


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