Paul Lawler & Paul Speer – Wonders

Paul Lawler & Paul Speer - Wonders

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Paul Lawler & Paul Speer – Wonders
CD, Rainstorm Records, 2009

“Wonders” is a 67-minute musical journey “to awe inspiring places on planet earth”, which sees a collaboration of UK-based musician Paul Lawler, and US-based musician Paul Speer (who are joined on two tracks by French vocalist Satine Orient).

After meeting each other on MySpace, Lawler first suggested to Speer in the spring of 2008 that they should collaborate on an album, so an intensive exchange of audio files from each others private studios followed.
In the last stage of the album, Paul Speer emailed some files to Satine Orient to see if she was inspired to compose and perform vocals to them, which led to vocal versions of the last two cuts on the cd.

Well, the twelve melodic, guitar-oriented pieces are a nice listen. Still, the outcome of “captivating soundscapes with a truly international flavour” stays close to the typical sound Mr Speer has developed and shaped over the years. So think of world-flavoured music with nice bass lines, additional keyboards, assorted percussion and occasional some great flute.
Sometimes with a rock-edge like heard on the great “Denali”, but also creating warm, exotic atmospheres as put down on “Angkor Wat” or “Amazonia”.
The vocal versions of two songs (found at the end of the album) are sung in French, and are disappointing though.

All in all, the outcome is nothing too complicated and not much electronic music either, but all done well.


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