Paul Sauvanet – Eleusis

Paul Sauvanet - Eleusis


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Paul Sauvanet – Eleusis
CD, Les Editions Rubicon, 1993

“Eleusis”, inspired by the works of Carlos Castaneda, by French synthesist Paul Sauvanet was initially released on the Canadian label Rubicon Records in 1993, and later re-released in 1998 on another label.

It’s a beautiful cd which is still one of the many cherished albums in my music collection. The six harmonious “tonal tapestries” on the album mirror the beauty of stillness and solitude in a way Steve Roach composed his “Quiet Music” series.

The free floating textures and environmental sounds of “Initiation” and “Dunes” are perfect examples of that, as are the calm, smooth atmospherics of “Tropic”.

The title-track moves into some minimal territory with a repetitive sequence which gets company by light percussion and soundscapes. Yes, “Eleusis” still remains a gem after all these years.

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