Paul Sauvanet – Nomad

Paul Sauvanet - Nomad


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Paul Sauvanet – Nomad
CD, Hearts of Space, 1997

This is the third cd of the skilled French musician Paul Sauvanet, of which both the cd-cover and overall atmosphere are slightly similar to the album “Nomadic Impressions” by Open Canvas (aka Gregory Kyryluk).

On the five tracks, Paul plays his digital symphony orchestra of synthesizers expertly, taking the listener on a highly cinematic and atmospheric trip through desert environments and the exotic cultural world of the Nomad people.

The sonic adventures move through ambient textural landscapes with occasional tribal percussion, building a bridge between classic music, space and introspective ambient music sophisticatedly. Of the five tracks, the almost 12-minute “Madurai Temple” could almost be a piece by David Parsons, due to its expansive, ethereal sound architecture and monk chants.

On “Bolero Excelis”, Sylvain Téjérizo shortly joins Mr Sauvanet on saxophone, while the emotional closing track “Land of the Angel” (also the highlight of the album) is graced with the excelling vocal contributions of soprano Claude Hermine Huguenel.

All in all, the 53-minute “Nomad” is a very well arranged and performed sonic ambient journey, flavored with lots of delightful ethnic colors, making an absolute must-have for any space-ambient fan.

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