Paul Sauvanet – Time Dreaming

Paul Sauvanet - Time Dreaming

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Paul Sauvanet – Time Dreaming
CD, Les Volies Dór/Oreus, 1991

Recorded at the Centre International de Recherche Musicale in Nice, “Time Dreaming” (officially entitled “Le Songe Du Temps”), offers two lengthy tracks and one short piece of reflective and quiet ambient music. Any rhythm is absent in the slow flow of warm and spacious textures that make up the 24-minute title track. It evaporates a comfortable sense of being, making it very suitable to make the mind gently settle down in the continuous current of elevating and fading away soundscapes.

Minimal and light sequencer lines along long-stretched harmonic chords make up the 19-minute “Golden Whirls”, that -like the previous track- reminds of Steve Roach’s “Quiet Music”-series.
The 5-minute “Whisper” featuring environmental sounds is a bit more experimental-oriented, but still puts a nice ending to “Time Dreaming”.
This is great slow music for fast times.

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