Paul Vnuk Jr. – Silence Speaks in Shadow

Paul Vnuk Jr. - Silence Speaks in Shadow


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Paul Vnuk Jr. – Silence Speaks in Shadow
CD, Hypnos Recordings, 2001

Paul Vnuk Jr’s is known as one half of the ambient project Ma Ja Le, who hereby presents his first solo release of long-form and so-called “psycho-environmental music”.

The 74-minute “Silence Speaks in Shadow” is a highly atmospheric ambient painting of looped synth improvisation and sound processing, a spacious drift of gentle shimmering but always active soundwaves.

Carrying on in the tradition of Simon Slator’s “Rain” or the cityscape-inspired works of James Johnson, the long-form textural ambience is a smooth and overall lush streaming sonic landscape with embedded city and natural sounds next to the constant sounds of rain. The middle section even reminded me of Vangelis’ famous “Bladerunner” score.

I consider “Silence Speaks in Shadow” as a mesmerizing and peaceful slow-flow sonic space, a calming and comfortable detachment of worldly affairs with subtle, always fascinating changes surfacing along the gentle evolving journey.
Highly recommended.



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