Paul Ward – For a Knave

Paul Ward - For a Knave

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Paul Ward – For a Knave
CD,  Surreal to Real, 1991

Paul Ward’s debut album “For a Knave” saw the light of day on John Dyson’s Surreal to Real label in the begin of the ‘90’s. Before Ward went solo he was one half of the project Quiet Point that broke up shortly after having performed at the 1990 UK Electronica festival. The sound and overall feel of the music making up “For a Knave” is general melodic, emotive along some symphonic/dramatic hints. For the most part its instrumental music falls in the same league as John Dyson’s output and his project Wavestar though featuring less solos and proving a tad more dynamic.

Although the highly accessible music sounds a bit dated these days, I still have a soft spot for the freeform soundscape “Cetacean”, the easy-going “Glide Path” and the imaginative/epic 10-minute closer “Twelve Towers” as well as the warm synth pads found on all ten tracks.



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