Penterakt – Conquest of the Moon

Penterakt - Conquest of the Moon

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Penterakt – Conquest of the Moon
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wool-E- Discs, 2021

Penterakt is a new collaborative project by Andy Bloyce and Tom Coppens, who some might know from the EM-collective Kubusschnitt. The 60-minute “Conquest of the Moon” -still made with analogue gear only- features a successful blend of their individual styles along some Berlin School signatures, offering four tracks that sparkle joy and energy.

Opener “Meteor strikes again” is an energetic sequencer-driven journey while various emotive currents take the stage on the more descriptive yet spherical title piece. Immersive, lush atmospheres open up on “Preflight Introspection” followed by rapid sequencing, melodic swirls and vast textural soundscaping. Tempo is slowed back on the excellent “Life on the Moon” where a bit more emphasis is given to melody as well as soloing executed in an engaging TD-ish style.

All in all, this release -limited to 200 physical copies- is a nice catch for all aficionados of Berlin School music and ‘70’s TD in particular.




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